Meeting the demons

Relief, 200cm x 300cm x 30cm, plaster, The Relief is a combination between casts taken from various places in my studio and assemblage “demons” made from ready made objects . Exhibited at the Haifa museum 2009 Photo by Hilit Kadouri 2009 Photo by Hilit Kadouri 2009 Photo by Hilit Kadouri 2009 Photo by Hilit Kadouri … Read more

The Ascent home

Relief, Plaster, 290cm x 385cm. I made copies of various areas along the hallway leading to my flat. the copies were made by pressing clay to various places and objects. Later, plaster was poured into the clay molds.  One the copies were made, I  plaster assembled them to make one large wall relief which was … Read more

On the way to Jerusalem

Plaster relief (100cm x 300cm) . it is made of copies taken from the nature around Jerusalem. it is part of the show – Journey, that I curated. I invited 11 artists to a two day trip, the trip took place on the way to Jerusalem ( Shaar HAguy). we created on the way, spoke … Read more

Pilgrimage to the center of the earth

The relief “Pilgrimage to the center of the earth” is on permanent display at the King Solomon Hotel, Jerusalem. It is a large relief                        (200 cm X 592cm x 40cm) made of plaster and polymer plaster. The relief was created in 2018The relief consists … Read more

Peter Jacob Maltz